Why Is Kratom So Popular?

Roughly five million people use kratom according to a report released late last year by the American Kratom Association. More are discovering its far-reaching benefits by the day. While this age-old natural supplement has been receiving a great deal of negative press over the years, supporters eclipse opponents by far.



Why Is Kratom So Popular?

Those who’ve already experienced the effectiveness of kratom have plenty of reasons for favoring this option over so many of the alternatives. That being said, anyone who’s still on the fence about it are receiving more than a few mixed signals on this particular remedy. Though kratom is popular for a number of reasons, some certainly stand out.

It’s Legal

Numerous activist groups and government agencies are toiling away to ban kratom in the United States just like they do with virtually all natural supplements not developed in a lab by the major pharmaceutical companies. Several man-made over-the-counter treatments have come under fire as well.

Most of these supplements and medications are far more affordable than their prescription counterparts. They also don’t require a doctor’s endorsement to be obtained. Both these factors strike fear into the hearts of legislators, constituents, big pharma and other influencers. No matter how effective these treatments may be, they just aren’t considered “acceptable” by the powers that be.

It’s Safe

Plenty of reports contradict the safety of kratom. They point to side effects and deaths while conveniently skirting around the surrounding details. Although some negative reactions and deaths have been linked to kratom use, those instances also involved extreme overuse, being taken with other drugs or preexisting chronic medical conditions.

When used responsibly according to recommended dosages, kratom tends to be completely harmless. In truth, it’s much safer than many other illegal or controlled substances and has been linked to far fewer deaths than a number of the approved prescription medications now so emphatically advertised and recommended. At the same time, it’s also much more benign than suffering the impacts of the conditions it’s used to treat.

It’s Versatile

Kratom comes in three varieties and a wide range of different strains, each one capable of targeting a long list of symptoms. On top of that, taking it in varying doses can alter its effect. In light of this, kratom can help battle a number of conditions, including:

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Severe Pain

  • Opioid Addiction

  • Alcohol Abuse

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Digestive Issues, Like IBD, Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis and Run-of-the-Mill Intestinal Distress among Others

  • Inflammation

From muscle strain and arthritis to sleeplessness and all the physical, mental and emotional issues lack of rest can bring about, kratom has the potential to offer relief from several conditions. No doubt, those who’ve already made it a part of their daily regimens have discovered other positive effects as well. Because of this unrivaled versatility, kratom can reduce or eliminate the need for countless potentially harmful substances and medications.

It’s Effective

All those other aspects are certainly strong suits for any treatment, but even combined, they can’t convince people to continue using a product. Kratom continues to hold its own and grow increasingly popular for one simple reason: it works. Not everyone experiences the same effects, and not all strains are equally helpful for all users. Still, most people are able to find a strain, dosage or combination capable of meeting their needs.

Bottom Line

Accessibility, affordability, safety and versatility are all major selling points for kratom. This diverse supplement has the potential to alleviate a long list of symptoms where other alternatives fall short. Those taking it don’t have to wait for a physician to validate their conditions or face scrutiny and stiff regulations at the pharmacy to experience relief.

Negative publicity aside, kratom is generating positive outcomes from numerous angles. It has proven itself effective against a wide array of conditions with few negative side effects to speak of as long as dosage recommendations are followed. For these reasons, kratom has gained immeasurable popularity and will most likely continue its rise to fame during the years to come.