Red Vein Kratom

Red Vein Kratom: Your Route to Total Mind and Body Relaxation

Every day, it seems a new supplement or pharmaceutical hits the market, each one claiming to be one of the most important new discoveries of our time. As so many people have already learned, some of the true greats aren’t actually new at all. Kratom falls into this category, offering far-reaching advantages very few of today’s medicinal “breakthroughs” can hold a candle to.



More About Kratom

Originally grown in southeast Asia, kratom is an evergreen tree related to the coffee shrub. Its leaves are harvested, dried and ground into a powder. In some cases, they’re fermented before reaching powdered form. It grows in green, white and red-veined varieties, all of which can provide certain health-related benefits

Those in kratom’s native regions have long used this natural substance for its powerful therapeutic properties. Red vein kratom is the most highly sought-after variety available as well as the most abundant. Though red veins grow naturally in some strains, others get their crimson coloring from specific drying processes.

Advantages of Red Vein Kratom

Red vein kratom is more potent than green and white versions and produces a number of positive effects. One of its primary benefits is the potential to combat insomnia by inducing relaxation and generating a strong sedative influence. Beyond that, it’s effective in a number of other ways.

  • Pain Alleviation: Those who suffer from severe pain and chronic conditions known to bring about stiffness, soreness and tenderness are drawn to red vein kratom for its ability to dull the brain’s pain receptors. This variety seems to offer higher levels of pain relief than other types of kratom.
  • Exhilaration: Red vein kratom is also known for its mood-altering capacity. As a powerful mood enhancing supplement, it helps combat occasional downheartedness and even depression. Some have gone as far as to describe its impact as euphoric.
  • Anti-Anxiety: Stress reduction and relaxation occur on both physical and mental levels with red vein kratom, making it a potentially effective tool in battling anxiety. This comes from its naturally high alkaloid content.
  • Withdrawal Treatment: In some cases, red vein kratom has been used to help wean people off opioid painkillers and lessen the effects of withdrawal. Its capacity to ease pain while reducing the sleeplessness, restlessness, anxiety, severe mood swings and other side-effects of withdrawal makes it particularly effective in this arena.

All these benefits generally last eight to ten hours after consuming red vein kratom. In some cases, its effects stretch out even longer. Because it brings about intense feelings of relaxation and drowsiness, it’s best taken at night. Having said all that, several different types of red vein kratom are on the market, each one providing slightly different results.

  • Red Maeng Da: As the strongest of the red strains, and perhaps even the most potent of all kratom, Red Maeng Da sparks a bit of a different reaction than its relatives. Many people find this variety’s impact lasts longer. As opposed to typical red vein kratom, this one actually enhances alertness and focus rather than causing drowsiness.
  • Red Vein Sumatra: This particular strain is favored for its impressive analgesic and anti-stress influences. It sparks the strongest sense of relaxation and is known for making its users feel like jelly.
  • Red Vein Thai: Red Vein Thai is most often used for pain relief and generating an emotional lift.
  • Red Vein Bali: Rapid growth and plentiful yields make this strain the most readily available and least expensive option in the red vein kratom family. Still, it doesn’t fall short when it comes to delivering relaxation, pain alleviation and general feelings of contentment.

With the exception of Red Maeng Da, red vein kratom strains relax the mind as well as the body. They all ease physical pain and help remedy anxiety, insomnia and depression among other issues. Seasoned users may take in four grams or slightly more to achieve these results. Newcomers to the experience are advised to start off with less.

Unwind and Ease Your Mind

Red vein kratom helps ease the mind and the body on a number of levels thanks to its complex chemical makeup. Check out our selection or let us help you decide which one strain is right for you. Then, get sit back and gear up for relief from pain, anxiety and sleepless nights.