How to Use Kratom Capsules to Your Fullest Advantage

How to Use Kratom Capsules to Your Fullest Advantage

Kratom has made its way into millions of lives over the last several years alone. Though its effectiveness isn’t in question, just how to take it can be a mystery at first. It’s available in several forms, including whole and crushed leaves, coarse and fine powder and capsules. While most kratom users have very specific preferences based on simplicity, dosage needs and reaction times, capsules are the method of choice for many.



Why Choose Capsules over Other Forms?

As far as flavor goes, kratom is an acquired taste to put it mildly. Some describe it as a little rough whereas others insist it’s the bitterest, most horrible tang they’ve ever experienced. Either way, it’s just not very pleasant by most standards.

At the same time, crushing dried leaves, powdering crushed leaves and measuring out powder can be messy and time consuming. Capsules are faster, cleaner and easier. There’s no disgusting flavor to deal with if the powder is locked neatly away in a capsule until it’s well past your taste buds, either.

How Much to Take

Kratom dosage varies by height, weight and tolerance. In general, two or three grams is the recommended dosage for first-time takers and average-size people. Those weighing less than 150 pounds or who are sensitive to caffeine and certain medications may want to start off with a smaller amount. Anyone weighing more than 250 pounds will probably need slightly more to feel the full effects.

Capsules are filled with the powdered version of kratom. They come in different sizes, but one of the most common and easiest to swallow is the half-gram option. With those, four capsules would equal the standard two-gram dose. Be sure you know exactly how much kratom is in your capsules before deciding how many to take.

Effects usually take around 40 minutes to kick in. If you don’t feel any different after about an hour, it’s okay to take a little more. An extra half gram or so may be enough, but those who are already accustomed to kratom’s effects may be able to take another gram or two.

When to Take Kratom

For the most part, kratom should be taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Though it can be taken after breakfast, its effects usually take longer to set in on a full stomach. One exception would be when taking red vein varieties to combat restlessness and insomnia; in this case, it should be taken about an hour before bedtime.

How Long Does Kratom Last?

Kratom’s effects typically last five or six hours for most people. Low doses may only last a couple hours whereas higher ones tend to stretch out a little longer. Some say they feel the impact for as long as eight hours. Timeframes vary by strain as well.

Other Points to Keep in Mind

First off, it’s possible to develop a high tolerance for kratom, meaning if you start off with two grams, you might eventually need five or six grams to feel the same effects. Consider rotating among various strains to prevent this problem. With so many different ones available, it’s easy to stay within the type known for providing the benefits you’re looking for without sticking to a single strain.

Secondly, be sure to drink at least one full glass of water with your dose and stay hydrated after the fact. Some have found kratom gives them a slight headache, but this side effect usually only accompanies dehydration.

Lastly, if you prefer, you can buy kratom powder and fill your own capsules. This gives you the freedom to choose your capsule size and even create various kratom blends. All you need is empty capsules, your kratom powder(s) of choice and a tiny funnel like those designed for filling flasks. Both gelatin and veggie caps are readily available.

In a Nutshell

Kratom capsules can take a little longer to produce results than powder or crushed leaves. Still, they offer a way around the disagreeable taste and the hassles of working with loose product. Finding just the right dosage may take some trial and error, but it’s better to start off on the low side and gradually work your way up from there.