How to Use Kratom Powder

How to Make the Benefits of Kratom Powder Easier to Swallow

Kratom can be found in a few different forms, namely dried whole leaves, crushed leaves and powder. With so many options available, choosing the right one may not be an easy task. They all offer the same benefits, so it’s mainly a matter of preference. Although capsules come in pre-measured doses and help avoid the notorious bitter flavor of Kratom, many people lean more toward loose powder.



Benefits of Using Kratom Powder Rather Than Capsules

When compared to capsules, loose kratom powder usually takes effect faster because it’s digested directly and enters the blood stream more quickly. With capsules, the outer shell has to be digested before the powder can even begin to work its magic.

Aside from that, two different types of capsules are used: vegetable and gelatin. Veggie caps are plant-based and digest more quickly and easily than gelatin ones, but they can still slow down the process a bit. Gelatin capsules are cheaper than the vegetable alternatives, yet they’re made from animal by-products and can cause allergic reactions for some people.

With loose powder, you avoid the extended wait time and potential negative side effects of the capsules. You also have the freedom of measuring out your own doses and more easily adjusting them up or down as needed.

Ways to Take Kratom Powder

As mentioned, kratom doesn’t exactly have a pleasant taste. Some enjoy its flavor more than others, but most prefer to avoid the bite. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to hide the taste or, at the very least, make it go away as quickly as possible. Remember going into this venture, the standard dose of kratom powder is two to three grams. Newbies and smaller people should start off with a little less while veteran users and larger individuals are advised to take a little more.

1) The Headache Powder Method

If you’ve ever taken a headache powder, you know just how repugnant they are. Even the cherry and orange-flavored alternatives aren’t really enjoyable at all. What do you do with them? Most people pour them as close to the back of the tongue as possible, take a quick swallow of a drink, gag a bit and guzzle down the rest of the drink to wash away the memory.

Kratom powder can be taken the same way. Place a dose in a medicine cup, toss it into your mouth and gulp down the nearest drink. Just do it and get it over with so you can enjoy the effects.

2) Make Tea

If you enjoy hot tea, you might like a kratom-based variation. Boil water or heat up a mug of it in the microwave and stir a dose into it. It’ll dissolve a little better in hot water than it would in a cold beverage, and you can add in honey, sugar or artificial sweetener to further dull the taste.

3) Whip up a Quick Treat

Put a little milk and a couple scoops of your favorite ice cream into a blender with a dose of kratom, and whip up the mixture. The mechanical action of the blender mixes in the kratom more thoroughly than you could on your own, which helps avoid surprise clumps. Besides, it’s the perfect excuse to have a milkshake for breakfast, lunch or a bedtime snack!

4) Make it Part of Your Balanced Breakfast

Kratom powder can be mixed into foods as well. Stir it into scrambled eggs, pancakes, oatmeal or other small-batch recipes to get your daily dosage. Keep in mind, it’s going to take effect more slowly when mixed with food, and if you don’t eat all your breakfast, you may not get the full dose when using this method.

Plenty of people just mix kratom powder into their morning coffee or other type of beverage, and there’s nothing wrong with keeping things simple. Just pick your favorite drink, whether it’s soda, orange juice, fruit punch or sweet tea, and stir in your dose. Be sure to drink it quickly, though, because it settles in just a few seconds.

All Things Considered

Any number of people choose kratom powder over capsules or crushed leaves because it tends to go to work more quickly. It doesn’t have a highly sought-after flavor, but its effects more than make up for the taste. Mixing it into your favorite drinks or recipes may not completely hide the bitterness, but doing so will make it a more tolerable. Whether you choose to just bite the bullet or blend it into an elaborate meal, kratom is sure to make your day better.